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Hayling Island Ferry

Working closely with Baker Trayte Marine, LGS assisted with the complete supply of marine safety equipment for the Pride of Hayling, brought back into service by Baker Trayte after a period of inactivity. The ferry provides a vital local link between Hayling Island and Southsea, saving residents an arduous journey round Langstone Harbour. Equipment supplied includes lifejackets, liferaft, pyrotechnics and lifebuoys. More information on the ferry can be found at this link:

hayling ferry lifejackets


James Penn Safety

LGS is pleased to announce the addition of James Penn Safety as sales representative for Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. James has a wealth of knowledge of the marine safety sector, and will help LGS grow into new areas and markets, with specific focus on renewables and the offshore industry.

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HMS Queen Elizabeth

When asked if we would like a tour of new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, it was an invitation that can not be turned down. A full tour of the flight deck, bridge, hangar, accommodation, and miles of internal corridors ensued, with the obligatory stop to check out the crane and liferafts! An incredible feat of engineering.

















Biggest Little Railway lifejackets

LGS Marine recently supplied lifejackets to all involved with the Channel 4 show Biggest Little Railway. The show followed a number of engineers and model railway enthusiasts build a model railway across Scotland. An intriguing concept and great piece of engineering.

Railway jackets













Redjet lift

LGS Fareham were recently on hand to supply the beams, strops and shackles for the successful lift of the Redjet for her refit. The process was then repeated once complete, to get her back on the water and back in service. As well as supplying the equipment, LGS also helped calculate the loads and angles, to ensure a safe lift.

Redjet lift










Dean Forest Railway

An interesting job and a fantastic picture of a job that we were involved with…

Dean Forest Railway, a heritage railway located in Lydney in Gloucestershire has recently secured funding to restore a 125 year old, Grade II Listed Footbridge. Bridge specialist Mabey, which manufactures and exports modular bridging around the world from its nearby factory in Lydney, was appointed to undertake the vital repair and restoration work.

To begin the restoration work, the bridge had to be lifted out and placed on to rail transporters to take it away from site. Lifting Gear and Safety Ltd, specialists in hiring and selling Lifting, Marine and Safety equipment, supplied the equipment to lift the bridge out of place.

Please click on the image to enlarge.

DFR Day 1 (14)







Port Talbot Seal Pup Rescue

LGS Port Talbot recently received an unusual phone call about a grey seal pup that had become trapped by boulders on Aberavon beach.Aberavon beach job

The seal had managed to wriggle in between a gap in the rocks and had been unable to free itself.   The team at our Port Talbot depot responded quickly to the urgent job and suggested a method using an aluminium gantry, chain block and strops.

In double quick time the equipment was on site and erected to start the complex rescue of the distressed pup by members of the seal rescue team.  The combined effort  by numerous local companies and bodies continued as darkness fell and the operation entered its final stages.   After removing a large 1 tonne boulder the seal, nicknamed Miracle, was freed and a welfare assessment was carried out by an RSPCA inspector.

Thankfully Miracle appeared unharmed and was transferred to a wildlife centre in Somerset to compete her recovery.  It is thought she will spend at least a month at the sanctuary before being released.

Click here to read the BBC article and see more photos 

LGS Marine will be announcing the arrival of their new online bespoke asset management system at this year’s Seaworks Exhibition 13th -15th of June

‘Ensuring compliance of marine safety equipment has never been made easier’

The online asset management and certification system

The need to ensure that your equipment is not just “up to date” but is seen to be so, has never been greater. Compliance to the MCA Regulations is of the utmost importance, but too many companies, whilst understanding this importance, struggle not only to maintain a proper system of saving and storing their certificates but of keeping their marine safety equipment legal and up to date.


All motorists understand the need to have a current MOT Certificate because in that situation it’s impossible to re-tax the vehicle without it. Marine safety equipment beyond its examination date however is often put into service and, whilst it might perform its function perfectly well, it is nonetheless illegal. In the event of an incident, the consequences of overdue and uncertified equipment can be very serious indeed.

That’s why LGS Marine OnLine can be a cheap and reliable way of making sure that you comply with the law. It can hardly be cheaper – because it’s free!! The best way of understanding what it can do for your company is to ask for a demonstration – without obligation.

Why Use LGS Marine OnLine?

  • Is simple to use
  • Ensures compliance to MCA regulations
  • Allows you to view all of your equipment via the Internet
  • Enables you to print off all Certificates and Inspection Records
  • Gives you your own unique Login and Password
  • Lets you see a list of all items that are non-conforming
  • Separates those items that are in date from those that are due service, replacement or repair.
  • Offers easy equipment monitoring by location, description and serial number
  • Has a simple, visual ‘Traffic Lights’ feature that highlights at a glance when items are current, approaching the end of their certification period, or overdue
  • Records the life history of each and every item you own
  • Works for equipment serviced, repaired, recertified or supplied from new
  • Allows equipment not supplied by LGS Marine to be added to the system
  • Is rapidly updated to let you view your equipment, over the internet, without delay

Why not see for yourself and take advantage of our free and unconditional offer to show you what LGS Marine OnLine can do for your company.


Port Talbot Bridge Deck

Lifting Gear & Safety (LGS) were delighted to have been selected by Kier Infrastructure (Rail Division) to provide the Modular Lifting Spreader Beams with slings and shackles, for their recent installation of a 230 tonne Main Bridge section for the new railway station in Port Talbot, South Wales. The massive lift used a Sarens 1200 tonne Gottwald mobile crane and installation, which was carried out over the last weekend in September, went flawlessly.

LGS were involved at an early stage and provided a Rigging Study that, in the event and on trial lift, required no adjustments. Additionally, LGS engineers, using multiple Hydraulic Jacks and Compressive cells, weighed the entire structure prior to assembling all of the beams and then supervised the rigging for the trial lift.

Viewers of the short photo compilation might be interested to know that the ‘Chandelier’ configuration used Sectionlift spreader beams ranging from the principal 400 tonne @ 21 metres cascading through 200 tonne beams to 80 tonne pick up beams. Supporting Round slings ranged from 150 tonne x 40 metre to 50 tonne x 6 metre pick up slings, not to mention numerous 250 tonne connecting shackles.