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Breathing Apparatus


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Almost always used in conjunction with a Gas Monitor and a Tripod, these units are simple reliable lightweight and safe.

Lalizas approved EEBD carries the following characteristics:
– Flame resistant materials, silver in colour to reflect heat and be highly visible.
– Durable and reliable construction with low maintenance
– Full-face hood fits all persons
– Steady air-flow for 15 minutes with sufficient air delivery rate
– Easy visual access on the pressure gauge
– Working temperature range: -10oC to 65oC
– Easy to refill cylinder – no adaptor required
– Approved to SOLAS Chapter II – 2 and MSC/Circ.849 & designed to meet EN1146:2005 & ISO 23291-1(2008)


• Do you require an Access/Retrieval Tripod?
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