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Hydraulic Cylinders & Pumps


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The permutations for Ram & Pump assemblies are almost endless and LGS will be happy to advise on the right set-up for your application.


  • 5t to 1000t capacities
  • A variety of strokes and closed heights
  • Single Acting cylinders – for general applications
  • Double Acting cylinders – for Hydraulic return
  • Hollow Rams – for all pushing and pulling applications
  • Locking collars – for sustained load holding


  • Single speed for general use
  • Two Speed for larger cylinders (with auto speed change)
  • Motorised pumps with choice of power


  • 2,3 & 4 way Manifolds – for use in multi-ram applications
  • Gauges to indicate pressure/loads
  • Control valves – to control oil flow and isolate an individual cylinder
  • Hoses – in various lengths (with quick connect couplers)
  • All units issued with full

All units issued with full inspection certificate.

Please call us to get any further information you need.


• What capacity do you need?
• What type of Pump do you need?
• What stroke do you need?
• What length of Hose do you need?
• Do you require Manifolds, Gauges, Vales, etc.?
• Do you require a site visit/technical help?
• Do you require transport?