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Pulley Blocks


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LGS provide a wide range of blocks – single, multi-sheave or Snatch. The use of blocks can multiply the power of your winch or simply change the direction of the rope.

  • Blocks can be used in combinations, i.e. Single & Double etc.
  • Snatch Blocks are typically a side opening block that permits the rope to be loaded at any point
  • Blocks available with alternative head fittings
  • Using blocks will naturally impose a greater load on an anchor point
  • All blocks fully certified

Please call us to get any further information you need.


• What capacity do you need?
• What diameter of rope will be used?
• What type of Pulley Blocks do you need?
• WWhat is the load imposed on anchor points?
• Do you require Girder Clamps, Slings and Shackles?
• Do you require a Winch?