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Safety Harness & Lanyard


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LGS are pleased to offer the harness for your application. The most popular by far being the full body harness with waist, chest and leg straps to maximise support on the event of a fall.

  • Accessories include shock absorbing lanyards, Dover Clamps, slide chucks and many more
  • LGS scrap it’s harnesses and lanyard to a strict age scheme regardless of appearance. This ensures that there is no chance of UV degradation and that you can be confident your harness and lanyard are in first class condition.
  • We place Comfort and Safety as our top priority
  • All fully certified

Our staff would be happy to help should you need it.


• In what environment will the Tripod be used?
• Do you require a Fall Arrestor?
• Do you require an Access/Retrieval Tripod?
• Do you require Breathing Apparatus
• Do you require a Gas Detector?
• Do you require a Safety Line?