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We offer a huge range of all sorts of lifting slings. Those shown are what you would expect as standard lifting slings but we also make and supply tailor made slings to suit your exact need, i.e. four leg wire slings with terminal fittings.

We also make wire rope assemblies such as winch wires, hoist ropes and so on. Please refer to WLL tables elsewhere in this booklet.

  • Chain Slings in Grade 10 or the older grade 8 can be supplied in all configurations and with a massive array of terminal fittings from a standard safety hook to a Shackle. Shortening clutches optional.
  • Wire Rope Slings – normally single leg with soft eyes – can be supplied with all sorts of terminals and in multi-leg format
  • Polyester Webbing and Endless Round Slings are all 7:1 fos, colour coded and striped for WLL recognition
  • We offer an enormous range of working loads and lengths
  • All slings fully certified

Please call us to get any further information you need.


• What type of sling do you need?
• What capacity do you need?
• What effective working length do you need? (remember Round Slings are specified by circumference)?
• Do you require a means of lifting the load?
• Do you require Shackles etc. to connect to the load?
• Do you require transport?