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Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Course Title: Lifting Tackle Inspection – CITB Approved
Location: LGS Training Centre or Customer’s Premises
Duration: 1 to 3 Days
Max No. Delegates: 6/8


Who Should Attend: Health & Safety representative, persons responsible for day to day management of lifting tackle, slingers/riggers seeking to increase their knowledge of lifting tackle inspection./ Hire Companies


Delegates attending should be familiar with most common types of lifting tackle and accessories


The course is designed to teach the principals of Lifting Tackle Examination, recognition of defects and unsafe equipment. Together with the important task of reporting and recording the results of the inspection.


Course Objectives:
  • Understand the legal requirements affecting lifting tackle
  • Be aware of the different types of lifting tackle, their methods of manufacture and limitations of use.
  • Use comprehensive examination procedures.
  • Recognise defects in equipment and Report all Defects in Writing


Course Outline:
  • An introduction to statutory regulations in particular PUWER 1998 & LOLER 1998
  • Health & Safety 1974 act
  • Types of Lifting Tackle, Safety Harness/ Lanyards, Fall Arrest Blocks, Clamps & Trolleys, Girder Clamps, Tripod & Winch, Pul-lifts/ Lever Hoists, Chain Blocks, Snatch Blocks, Wire Rope/Wire Rope Slings, Tirfor type/Pulling & Lifting Machine, Flat & Round Webbing Slings, Personnel Cages (Crane Baskets), Alloy & HTS Shackles, Eyebolts / Moving Skates / Block Grabs, Lifting Beams, Alloy Steel Chain Slings
  • Inspection Procedure /Recognising Defects
  • Making Records/ Reporting Defects, Fault Finding


Teaching Methods:
LGS Training Course and Site Safety Books Supplied, Course consists of a series of prepared talks supported by DVD and Video, Samples of New and Defective Equipment. Course delegates will be encouraged to participate in Practical Demonstrations and Inspections. Information is based on LEEA Code of Practice and various British Standard


Multi Choice Question Papers. Practical Inspection, written assessment and report. Practical & Theory