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Lifting Gear and Safety partner with YouBoat, as they become the first official distributor in the UK for the HALO Liferaft products.

Recently, Lifting Gear and Safety proudly announced their new and exciting venture; the HALO & HALO+ Liferafts. These high-quality products set a new standard in marine safety with its compact and lightweight design, welded seams, and vacuum packed case, the HALO Liferaft offers unparalleled reliability and peace of mind for everyone on the water.

We are pleased to share that we are partnering with YouBoat Marine, an established, UK chandlery. Run by sailors, for sailors, YouBoat Marine offers expert knowledge and hands on experience across a broad range of marine products, as well as excellent customer service whether purchasing in store, online or over the phone. This is why Lifting Gear and Safety are pleased to present YouBoat as the HALO Liferaft’s first official distributor in the UK.

Stephen Merchant, Business Support Manager at Lifting Gear and Safety, said:

“Fantastic to have YouBoat onboard as our first UK distributor of the innovative HALO and HALO+ liferafts. As marine safety experts with locations along the south coast of England they are perfectly placed to offer the product to leisure boat users.”

Matt Bryant, from YouBoat said:

The marine market has seen a boom in recent years with an influx of powerboats that have excellent extended cruising capabilities. Space onboard these vessels is at a real premium, and there is often not a strategic place to mount a traditional liferaft. The HALO & HALO+ liferafts are perfect for these scenarios, lightweight and easily stowable, customers can enjoy that extra peace of mind on their coastal jaunts.

 The HALO & HALO+ liferafts are ideals for boats like this, where space is at such a premium.

International Women’s Day 2024

Today is International Women’s Day and is celebrated annually as a focal point in the women’s rights movement. It gives a focus on equality, and pushes for a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

We took the opportunity to speak with some different women across the business about their experiences working within a male dominated industry.

We asked Tracie Bentley, Depot Manager, to share a rewarding moment or achievement in her career that shes proud of as a woman within a male dominated business.

Tracie said:

“I love getting to prove my worth and experience to customers, that I do have the knowledge required to solve their Marine Safety problem(s) onboard their vessel(s).”

We asked Serena Reynolds, Hire Controller, what inspired her to pursue a career within a male dominated business.

Serena said:

“I was taken on as an apprentice and have stayed in the industry ever since – I’ve always loved the challenge and love proving that us ladies are just as capable of putting on some steel toe caps and gloves and getting our hands dirty too!”

We asked Paula Whyte, Depot Manager, what advice she’d give to other women aspiring to pursue careers in related fields.

Paula said:

“I think. . . DONT DO IT!!!! – No seriously, I think there definitely is a place for women in this industry, BUT we have always needed to prove ourselves and that we know what we are talking about, men will still come into the office and ask to speak to a man! But I would say, stand your ground, be calm, collected, and knowledgeable.”

Finally, we asked Emma Elson, Depot Manager, what International Women’s Day means to her personally, and how she celebrates.

Emma said:

“Standing proud of my achievements and how far I have come and yet to go, and a big shout out to all women for gaining recognition within the industry.”

One Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since LGS became a part of the Axel Johnson International Group, and what an incredible year it has been.

In addition to successfully navigating substantial #business growth, we’ve been discovering the myriad benefits of being part of a larger, more expansive group. Though our journey is ongoing, the achievements of the past 12 months are truly noteworthy.

Ambitious plans, particularly in areas like #sustainability, enhanced employment terms, and the ability to offer truly national services, have been realized at a pace that would have been considerably slower if we were operating independently.

We owe a huge shout out to our fellow Lifting Solutions Group businesses in the UK and the entire Axel Johnson family. Special appreciation goes to Lifting Gear UK Ltd and their exceptional team, with whom we’ve forged ever-closer ties. Thank you for your warm welcome and collaborative spirit—it has truly made this journey a success!

HP Planet Partner scheme

Lifting Gear and Safety is part of Axel Johnson International and its group-wide sustainability work. Sustainability is a fundamental part and prerequisite of the group’s business model.

As well as this, Lifting Gear and Safety take steps towards a more sustainable future.

We recently signed up for the HP Planet Partner scheme, allowing us to return empty printer ink cartridges to HP.

This means our ink cartridges will become new products and will not end up in oceans and landfills.

Time To Talk Day

The 2nd January is Time to Talk Day, a day for people to talk about mental health, help change lives, and support each other.

At Lifting Gear and Safety, we take mental health seriously. That is why we introduced and trained mental health champions within the business. They are there to support whenever needed by fellow colleagues.

We spoke with LGS mental health champion Lee Abdalla, and this is what he said:

“I chose to be trained to enable myself to feel more comfortable and confident to speak about mental health and know more about how to respond to a situation should it arise. This allows me to better support my colleagues. Other people should consider being trained, the more people trained within the workplace, the better we can all support each other day to day.”

National Apprenticeship Week

This week is National Apprenticeship Week. This annual event shines a spotlight on the incredible benefits of apprenticeships, serving as a reminder that learning extends far beyond traditional classroom settings.

We spoke with Harvey Sciacsia, a Lifting Equipment Technician level 3 Apprentice, here at LGS to hear about his experience.

Harvey said:

“I’m currently doing the Lifting Equipment Technician level 3 apprenticeship, the duration on the course is two years. My main responsibilities are to attain an understanding of LOLER and gain knowledge of lifting products.

So far, I’ve gained so much confidence in the workplace, I really enjoy shadowing the senior engineers and picking up knowledge along the way. My goal is to become a qualified competent lifting technician.

I’m really enjoying the experience so far and would recommend a lifting apprenticeship to anyone who wants to earn and learn at the same time.”

Axel Johnson International’s Personal Leadership Programme

Lifting Gear and Safety are proud to share that two employees recently attended Axel Johnson International’s Personal Leadership Programme.

Lee Abdalla, Area Manager, and Emma Elson, Port Talbot Depot Manager, recently completed the AxInter Personal Leadership Programme. The programme is completed over a total of five days and is carefully tailored and designed for leaders within Axel Johnson International.

The purpose is to provide the tools to build personal leadership skills in line with expected culture and leadership behaviours in Axinter. The participants, after the training, should feel that they can go home and directly transform what they have learned and practice this in their daily work life.

Lee Abdalla, said:

“It was a privilege to be asked to attend the course, it gave me a great opportunity to expand my skill set, it has enabled me to better understand and support the team I work with.

I really enjoyed meeting people from the wider Axel Johnson group from various roles within the business, I found it really beneficial to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions and the different ways of working”.

LEEA Awards 2023

LGS were proud to be part of the AxInter group at the 2023 LEEA Awards, with the group winning the Sustainability Prize for the r-PET slings ( made from recycled polyester. These products have a 70% CO2 reduction in comparison to the standard product. Congratulations to all involved with this innovative product.

WE support GLAD 2023

On the 13th of July 2023 we recognise the Global Lifting Awareness Day (GLAD). Certex UK, and the other companies in Axel Johnson’s Lifting Solutions GroupLifting Gear and SafetyLifting Projects UK, and Lifting Gear UK, always promote safe lifting, so, we support GLAD 2023.

GLAD, now in its fourth year, is driven by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) and brings together all industry stakeholders striving to promote safe and high quality load lifting.

Fighting gravity is inherently dangerous and getting it wrong can lead to accident, injury, and even fatality. That is why we are uniting with other manufacturers, suppliers, and end users within the challenging but rewarding lifting sector, to spread and raise awareness for the importance of safe lifting.

Our Lifting Know How is a series of content available to all on our website and Youtube channel. It aims to increase safety and reduce the number of accidents that occur during lifting. For many years, we have delivered innovative solutions to our customers’ lifting problems, and thus increasing our experience and expertise.

We use our Lifting Know How to give our customers the best service and technical support and are proud to help our employees reach the highest possible standards safely. Whether advice on product selection, how to solve a lifting task, or training course information is required, Lifting Gear and Safety is happy to help.

In support of GLAD 2023, over the coming weeks, approaching the 13th of July, we will be sharing our Lifting Know How video series, over on our LinkedIn page, to offer knowledge and support ensuring safety for all on site.

Vertikal Days 2023

LGS will be partnering with our sister companies in the Axel Johnson Lifting Solutions Group (Certex UK and Lifting Gear UK) at this year’s Vertikal Days show on May 10th and 11th. Come and see us on stand MP12 –