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LGS Online

LGS Online


The online asset management and certification system

The need to ensure that your equipment is not just “up to date” but is seen to be so, has never been more greater. Compliance to the LOLER Regulations is of the utmost importance, but too many companies, whilst understanding this importance, struggle not only to maintain a proper system of saving and storing their Certificates but of keeping their lifting equipment legal and up to date.

All motorists understand the need to have a current MOT Certificate because in that situation it’s impossible to re-tax the vehicle without it. Lifting Gear beyond its examination date however is often put into service and, whilst it might perform its function perfectly well, it is nonetheless illegal. In the event of an accident, the consequences of overdue and uncertified equipment can be very serious indeed.

That’s why LGS OnLine can be a cheap and reliable way of making sure that you comply with the law. It can hardly be cheaper – because it’s free!! The best way of understanding what it can do for your company is to ask for a demonstration – without obligation.

Why Use LGS OnLine?


  • Is simple to use
  • Ensures compliance to LOLER
  • Allows you to view all of your equipment via the Internet
  • Enables you to print off all Certificates and Inspection Records
  • Gives you your own unique Login and Password
  • Lets you see a list of all items that are non conforming
  • Separates those items that are current and free from defect from those that are missing,overdue or defective.
  • Offers easy equipment monitoring by location, description or serial number
  • Has a simple, visual ‘Traffic Lights’ feature that highlights at a glance when items arecurrent, approaching the end of their certification period, or overdue
  • Records the life history of each and every item you operate
  • Works for equipment examined on your site or supplied from new
  • Allows equipment not supplied by LGS to be added to the system
  • Is rapidly updated to let you view your equipment, over the internet, without delay

Why not see for yourself and take advantage of our free and unconditional offer to show you what LGS OnLine can do for your company.

To find out more, please call us now, or for a demonstration visit: LGS Online Login: lgsdemo, password: lgs123