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Mooring Ropes


Mooring RopesMooring Rope

Lifting Gear & Safety have a proud tradition in rope manufacturing that stretches back many decades for some of our riggers and senior team.   This vast experience allows us to splice a wide range of ropes in-house and create bespoke solutions for customer all over the globe.  In addition to having a fantastically skilled rigging team we also stock a large range of ropes ready to dispatch quickly.

Within that range is our stock of mooring ropes and we are quickly able to supply up to 72mm diameter of the shelf, with sizes up to 120mm also available.  Our rigging team can manufacture the ropes with any combination, from soft eyes to thimble eyes and finished with a protective sleeve.

Polysteel is a high tenacity material manufactured from a mix of polypropylene and high density polyethylene. That mix gives it a very high breaking load and excellent resistance to abrasion

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Rope Properties

  • Specific Weight:  0.93g/cm3 (floats)
  • Melting Temperature:  150°C
  • Resistance to chemically active habitat
  • Does not absorb water
  • Available in different colours



Dia - mm Nom Weight - g/m Min Break Load - kN
40 725 274
44 877 327
48 1040 385
52 1220 448
56 1420 514
60 1630 583
64 1860 657
72 2350 820
80 2900 995