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Fall Arrest Blocks


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    Secure First Fall Arrest Blocks built to the highest standard and conforming fully with EN360:2002. Available in 6m, 10m, 15m and 20m.

    • Aluminium forged anodised anchorage eye with swivel movement to avoid twist in rope while working and in retraction
    • High Impact strength polymide robust casing to prevent breakage
    • Inbuilt casing handle for easy handling
    • Weatherproof hardware
    • Designed to take 136kg load
    • Forged brass locking brakes
    • Internal energy absorption mechanism
    • High Carbon steel Power coil spring
    • Aluminium die cast drum casing
    • Galvanised steel rope with back feed shock absorber and forge alloy steel zinc plated swivel hook with load /fall indicator


    • Do you require an Access/Retrieval Tripod?
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    • Do you require Breathing Apparatus
    • Do you require a Gas Detector?
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