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Genie Material Lifts & Roustabouts


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    Lifting Gear & Safety keep a wide range of Genie’s to suit your height requirement and nature of lift. Such a popular item these days, it’s hard to imagine how we managed before.

    • Capacities up to 680kg and up to 7.5m lift.
    • Aluminium construction and easy to handle and transport.
    • Transport required – 1.5t dropside or upright on a pick-up
    • Air Hoists operate on CO² or compressed air and offer (on top platform) up to 5.6m height of lift.
    • Roustabouts are an ingenious device that can often replace Chain Blocks and pullers
    • All units fully certified

    Please ask our staff for any more information you need.


    • What capacity do you need?
    • What height of lift do you need?
    • Are there any site restrictions?
    • Do you require any other material handling equipment?
    • Do you require transport?