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Hooks, Jibs & Extensions


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    LGS offers a range of hooks, jibs and extensions, to both hire and buy, to suit your site requirements:

    Extending Jib

    The crane arm attachment for forklifts provides new reaches: Massive design from section tubes, welded and screwed, length extendable in 7 steps.






    Adjustable Crane Jib

    The 2082 has been designed to convert a standard forklift truck into a universal mobile crane unit (as the 2081). With the benefit of having an adjustable lifting angle for the movement of tall and awkward items such as roof trusses. Please download the PDF specification sheet for detailed information.






    Fork Mounted Hook

    The fork mounted load hook enables the conversion of any fork lift unit into a simple mobile crane unit allowing the lifting of items by chains and slings in a secure and safe manner. As with all Eichinger fork mounted units the 2084 is secured to the fork lift by a heel pin NOT chain.
    Always use the load hook in relation to the load capacity of the fork lift truck.





    Fork Extensions

    Standard Fork Extensions for increased stability when handling awkward loads, Eichinger fork extensions conform to ISO 13284 The British Standard for Fork Extensions.