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JB Hydraulic Culvert & Pipe Puller


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    Our JB hydraulic puller offers a great deal of versatility when it comes to working with different sizes of culverts.  This powerful unit can generate a pulling force of over 14 tonnes and with its wide range of accessories, it can be set-up inside, outside or even on top of a culvert.  It is lightweight, at just over 300kg, and it’s much easier to manoeuvre around a site when compared to other units on the market.   This, coupled with a quick set-up time, will cut down on how long it takes to complete your project.

    It also has another major advantage, the JB puller can be set-up outside the culvert!  This means you can use it to compact very low height culverts and avoid the hard task of trying to position equipment in a confined space.  Not only is that a leap forward for the safety of the operators but another time-saving element. Check it out the picture of a typical low height application below.

    Our culvert pulling range also includes the Bristol Bulldog and Wimag Hydrualic Puller – Each system is capable of providing a solution to any culvert application.  Please do get in touch with any questions you may have on culvert or pipe pulling.


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    Watch this short video to learn more about the puller