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Lalizas Life-Link Mini 20m Throwline


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    The Lalizas Life-Link Mini overboard rescue device is one of the smallest & lightest MOB throwlines available. The case features imprinted manual instructions and 20m of retrieval floating rope. Furthermore, it can be mounted on the boats rails and also it can be useful for mooring by getting the line attached to a dock. Last but not least, it can be used for other recreational activities, such as canoeing, rafting, etc, due to its compact size.

    The Life-Link Mini MOB rescue device features a grab loop at both ends, enabling both the rescuer and the survivor to remain attached to the rope. The rescuer loop features a transparent anti-slip plastic cover to provide a firm grasp.

    Deployment can be achieved by opening the Life-Link Mini case, so that the rope is able to be released, and then thrown astern by holding the anti-slip plastic loop. Once in water, the boat should circle the person over board allowing the Life-Link Mini to be towed to their aid. Rescue is completed when the person over board is safely grabbed by the life-link, and either is pulled or winched to the boat and hauled on board.