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Machine Moving Skates


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    LGS offer both the steel roller track and Nylon wheeled patterns and even Air Skates for ultimate flooring.

    • Up to 100t on Steel roller track models
    • Nylon wheels – great for delicate flooring
    • Steering turntables available for steel tracks
    • Integral turntables on Nylon skates
    • Air skates for minimal effort and very fine floors
    • All fully certified

    Please call us to get any further information you need.


    • What type of and capacity do you need?
    • What is the condition of the floor surface?
    • Do you require a Tirfor or Winch to move the load?
    • Do you require to steer the load?
    • Do you require Jacks to raise the load?
    • Do you require Slings or Shackles?
    • Do you require transport?