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Superior HALO Liferaft


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    HALO & HALO+

    The worlds most advanced, compact liferaftjust got better. Available to BUY OR RENT. For more information please request details above. 

    The HALO & HALO+ range are the next generation of ultralight,ultra-compact liferafts on offer to today’s leisure boating user. If you are not required to comply with MCA regulations on your boat, there is no longer any need for heavy cumbersome liferafts on board. Now available with a fully self-erecting canopy, the HALO+ provides immediate shelter and respite from the most severe conditions. The canopy can even be removed and reinstalled if necessary. The original HALO (without canopy) and the HALO+ are fully vacuum sealed to allow for a 3-year interval between services, just like conventional larger rafts. This dramatically reduces the cost of overall ownership. The HALO & HALO+ range are both of welded construction removing the danger of glue breakdown at seams. Both come complete with insulated floor, full size water pockets for absolute stability when deployed and the HALO+ includes an internal and external automatic light system.

    • Light weight for easy handling and deployment
    • Automatically deployed canopy with lighting system
    • Vacuum packed allowing 3 year service intervals
    • Ultrasonically welded construction
    • Insulated inner floor
    • Full-sized water ballast bags
    • 3 rung boarding ladder
    • Stainless steel tow-ring
    • Packed in an attractive hard wearing outer valise

    HALO+ WEIGHTS AND DIMENSIONS                                                                    

    MODEL        PACKED DIMENSIONS(cm)      WEIGHT(kg)

    2 person                 50 x 37.5 x 22.5                            10

    4 person                 57.5 x 42.5 22.5                            13

    6 person                60 x 42.5 x 25                                16

    8 person                62.5 x 45 x 25                                18



    MODEL        PACKED DIMENSIONS(cm)      WEIGHT(kg)

    2 person                 46.3 x 33.8 x 12.5                         6

    4 person                 55.0 x 38.1 x 15                             10

    6 person                57.5 x 39.4 x 15.6                           12

    8 person                58.8 x 40.0 x 16.3                          15